Vi Message (SMS) Center Numbers For All States [2024]

In today’s fast-paced world, where instant communication is essential, SMS remains a reliable and widely used method. Vodafone Idea (VI), a prominent telecommunications company in India, recognizes the importance of SMS communication. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to provide updated VI Message Center Numbers for all states in India for the year 2024. By utilizing the correct Message Center Numbers, users can ensure seamless and efficient SMS delivery.

vi message center numbers

Understanding SMS Center Numbers

SMS Center Numbers, also known as SMSC numbers, play a crucial role in the SMS delivery process. These specialized numbers serve as intermediaries that facilitate the routing and delivery of text messages between mobile devices. Unlike regular phone numbers, SMS Center Numbers are dedicated solely to managing message transmission.

Importance of Using Correct Message Center Numbers

Using the correct Message Center Number is vital for ensuring reliable message delivery. By inputting the accurate number, users can maximize the chances of their SMS reaching the intended recipients without delays or failures. Conversely, using incorrect or outdated Message Center Numbers may result in message loss or delivery issues.

VI Message Center Numbers for All States [2024]

To facilitate easy access to the correct Message Center Numbers, the article will provide a comprehensive list of VI Message Center Numbers for each Indian state. From Andhra Pradesh to Maharashtra and Delhi to Kerala, users will find the up-to-date information they need to configure their devices for seamless SMS communication.

StatesVI Message Center Number
Andhra Pradesh+91 9885005444
Arunachal Pradesh+91 9719009998
Assam+91 9839099999
Bihar+91 9886005444
Chhattisgarh+91 9713099990
Chennai+91 9709099990
Delhi+91 9846000040
Goa+91 9811009998
Gujarat+91 9825001002
Himachal Pradesh+91 9776099990
Jammu & Kashmir+91 9713099990
Jharkhand+91 9732099990
Karnataka+91 9843000040
Kerala+91 9796009905
Madhya Pradesh+91 9719009998
Mumbai+91 9839099999
Kolkata+91 9888009998
Odisha+91 9839099999
Punjab+91 9830099990
Rajasthan+91 9885005444
Telangana+91 9713099990
Tamil Nadu+91 9713099990
Uttar Pradesh (UP WEST)+91 9820205446
Uttar Pradesh (UP EAST)+91 9885005444
West Bengal+91 9719009998

Configuring the Message Center Number

The article will guide users on how to find and configure the Message Center Number on various devices and operating systems. Step-by-step instructions will be provided for Android and iOS devices, ensuring that users of these popular platforms can easily update their settings. Additionally, general guidelines will be offered for users of other devices and operating systems.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

To address common problems related to SMS delivery and configuration, the article will offer troubleshooting tips. Readers will gain insights into resolving issues such as message failures or errors encountered even after updating the Message Center Number. Additionally, VI customer support contact information will be provided for readers who require further assistance.


In conclusion, utilizing the correct Message Center Number is essential for reliable SMS communication. By updating their Message Center Numbers, users can enhance their communication experience and avoid potential disruptions. This article aims to empower readers with the knowledge needed to configure their devices with the latest VI Message Center Numbers, ensuring seamless and efficient communication in 2024.

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