Toyota App Not Working (Fix Under 5 Minutes) 2024

You are here mean your Toyota app is not working then don’t worry here I will give you some fixes that will help you to fix Toyota not working problem in under 5 minutes; let’s begin.

Hi, guys, I am Sumer Sodha, and today in this post, I will give you a complete solution on how to fix the Toyota app not working problem.

toyota app

You know the Toyota app is a smart application by Toyota motors. that helps you get lots of information about your car. Like maintenance Information, Service information,  and with the Toyota app, you can find your vehicle in parking or start your vehicle through that app.

But the problem is this sometimes this app does not work well, Recently one of my friend asked me, my Toyota app does not function properly in some cases, how can I fix this?

So what is the solution for Toyota App Not Working Problem? And the answer is here…

Toyota App Not Working Fixes

So here are some fixes to the Toyota app, not working problem.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

You should check the first thing; is your internet connection working properly? You can check it by using some other applications like YouTube or WhatsApp; if they work perfectly, the problem is not with your internet.

2. Clear App Data

If your Internet connection is working perfectly, but the Toyota app is not working, you need to clear app data. follow mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the setting on android or ios mobile
  2. Now open Application Center
  3. Here find Toyota App and click on that
  4. Now you’ll see two options clear data or uninstall
  5. Tap on Clear Data and give confirmation
  6. Now again, open the Toyota app, and maybe it’ll work.

3. Reinstall Toyota App

If the above method does not work, you need to uninstall the Toyota app, and after uninstall, restart your device and again install the Toyota app on your device from App Store.

After following the above ways, maybe your Toyota app’s not working problem will be fixed.

4. Troubleshooting Toyota Remote Connect

If you are facing any problem with the remote connection on your Toyota app, you can watch the video below that shows you how to troubleshoot all issues that you are facing in the Toyota remote connect.

Why Toyota App Not Working

Sometimes Toyota app does not work because of our internet connection, and many times it happens due to some internal error of the application.

So we don’t have a specific reason why the Toyota app is not working; also, the Toyota app is very unstable, so the Toyota app developer needs to fix that bugs as soon.


My friend quickly fixed his Toyota app not working problem by following the above methods. If your Toyota app is not working, you can also use the above methods to fix it, and I hope these methods will work for you.

If you still have any questions or problems about this application, you can ask me in the comment section I’ll help you with all possible stuff.

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Thanks For Reading…

Sumer Sodha
Sumer Sodha
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  1. My wife’s app works fine on her iPhone. I have an android. I deleted it and now I can not even download the app. It starts but about 1 second later goes back to the download screen.

  2. My Connect app was working fine until the last app update in December. In my Camry, I first noticed I no longer had tire pressure readings on the driver’s console. On the app itself, I no longer had an odometer reading, no last parked location, no trip summary, and no tire pressure readings. I can use the remote to start the car, lock and unlock the doors. I have uninstalled/installed the app. I cleared the cache, my internet connection is fine. Spoke with a Toyota rep, they tried several things… waiting for them to further work on the problem and get back to me. (Since speaking with the Rep, I’m getting notifications that the app “Is searching for your car”.)

    BTW, several months ago, after an update, I kept getting notifications that my trunk was open….it wasn’t…..after several weeks, the problem disappeared.


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