Top 6 Best UPI Apps In India (Secure+fast) 2024

You are here means you want the best apps for your UPI transactions, and I’ll never disappoint you. It’s a promise.

You know UPI transactions are increasing day by day in India. We need the best partner app to complete our UPI transaction without interruption or error in this situation.

Best UPI Apps

In this blog post, I will share my honest life usage review and Experience; the list I shared in this article is made with my Experience.

You can see many articles on this topic on the Internet, but those articles don’t provide complete information and real-life usage experience.

Hi, friends, I am Sumer Sodha, and today in this article, I’ll share the 6 best UPI apps you can use to complete your UPI transaction without any payment failure.

So Let’s See…

What is UPI?

NPCI develops a unified payment interface called UPI for quick, secure digital transactions. It allows us to send and receive money in our bank account with real-time fund settlement.

Benefits of UPI?

UPI Provides lots of banking benefits; we can transfer funds with UPI at zero fees, and UPI Doesn’t want many details to send or receive money.

You don’t need a bank account number and IFSC code to send money with the UPI. You just need the receiver’s VPA id or mobile number to send money to their bank account.

6 Best UPI Apps in 2024

So now come back to our main topic, the best UPI apps. So below, you will see a complete list of the best applications for completing UPI transactions, and you can trust these applications.

1. Paytm

Paytm is the first application on our list that is best for completing UPI transactions in India. It comes with a modern and fast look as well.

Paytm payment gateway is high-speed and Secure. So It will complete your UPI transactions quickly with a low rarely failure rate. Also, Paytm offers you some cashback and rewards on money transferring and bill payments.


My Experience: I have been using Paytm for the last year, and it has never disappointed me till now, and the payment failure rate is also very low. So Paytm is a fast, secure, and reliable application for UPI transactions that you can use.

2. iMobile Pay By ICICI Bank

The second application that I love is iMobile Pay by ICICI Bank. You can use this application to complete your daily UPI transactions very smoothly. iMobile Pay is an ICICI bank’s Mobile internet banking application, but I love its UPI Feature.

If you are an ICICI Bank customer, you don’t need another banking application because this one app can do all your banking-related work.

But what if you are not an ICICI Bank customer? Then don’t worry, because iMobile Pay works with any bank.

bank account. You just need to register your bank account with iMobile Pay using the traditional UPI registration method that you nicely know.

imobile pay

But one thing that you should know about iMobile Pay is, that iMobile Pay doesn’t come with a modern UI; it has a simple look. So if you love the modern interface, then maybe iMobile Pay will disappoint you.

My Experience: I have been using iMobile Pay as my primary UPI and banking application for one year, and with iMobile Pay, I got a zero transaction failure rate. If you want a zero payment failure rate and UI doesn’t matter for you like me, I highly recommend this application.

3. PhonePe

PhonePe is the third Best App For UPI transactions, and It comes with a simple modern UI that everyone loves.

PhonePe is a very easy-to-use application. Many people use this application for its simple look, which is also a good one for beginners. PhonePe also offers you some cashback and coupons.

According to NPCI, PhonePe has the largest Market share in this industry, around 49.92% as of October 2021.

PhonePe works with multiple partner banks like Yes Bank, Axis Bank, and ICICI Bank and uses their payment gateways.

But I’m not too fond of PhonePe because they charge for mobile recharge separately. If you want to recharge your mobile with 200 rupees, phonepe will charge you 202 or 203 rupees.


I placed this application at number three for its easy-to-use and straightforward look.

My Experience: With the phonepe, my Experience is not as good as iMobile Pay and Paytm. Phonepe has a very high payment failure rate in my experience, and transaction process time is also slow.

4. Google Pay (Gpay)

The fourth UPI app on our list is Google pay, and it’s also known as GPay and was Previously known as Google Tez.

Google Pay also has a significant market share in this industry after phonepe. According to npci, Google pay has a 34.41% market share as of October 2021.

Google pay comes from Google that is a trusted and secure company. So google pay is also a very safe application to do UPI transactions. Also, it offers you some cashback and rewards.

Google Pay uses SBI, ICICI, Axis, and HDFC bank’s payment gateways for complete UPI transactions.

google pay

Google pay is an excellent application from a security perspective, but transaction speed is not really fast, and also sometimes, payment failure rates go high.

My Experience: Google Pay is a secure application for UPI transactions, but Google Pay is not as good as Paytm and iMobile Pay in actual life usage.

5. Amazon Pay

Amazon pay is a new UPI application in India, and it comes from Amazon. It doesn’t have a separate application for UPI transactions; it is inbuilt with the official Amazon app.

Amazon Pay doesn’t have much market share these days, but it grows day by day.

Amazon Pay is not a simple-to-use application, and its user interface is also tricky. It uses Axis bank’s payment gateway to complete UPI transactions.

The main reason behind using this application and placing it on number five is cashback. Amazon pay gives massive cashback and offers, in my Experience.

amazon pay

My Experience: Amazon pay UPI payment success rate is good in my experience, but UI is not. Also, cashback is another reason to use this application.

6. Mobikwik

Mobikwik is the sixth Best UPI payment application in India, and it is an Indian company founded in 2009.

MobiKwik mobile application interfaces are good and also simple to use. Mobikwik also offers you some cashback and rewards on transactions and mobile recharges that you do with MobiKwik.

The payment failure rate and market share of Mobikwik both are very low.

But the thing that encourages me to use Mobikwik is the free Mobikwik blue American Express Card.


With Mobikwik, you get an American Express International card for free. You can use this card to purchase anything domestically or internationally.

You just need to load money in this card and pay where you want; also, you can use this card on PayPal.

My Experience: Mobikwik interface is excellent, in my opinion, and also it is an easy-to-use application with a very low transaction failure rate. But I use this application only for American Express Card. 

Best UPI Apps For CashBacks

Here are some of the best UPI applications you can use to get more cashback.

  1. Amazon Pay
  2. Paytm
  3. Mobikwik
  4. Google Pay


So now you know the best application in the industry for UPI transactions. You can pick any application as your primary UPI application for your daily UPI transaction.

So as I promise you above, I’ll never disappoint you, what do you think about it?

In the article, I will share my reviews and Experience. Maybe your experience is different from mine in some cases.

I hope you love this article; if you love it, share it on social media because It will help others choose the best UPI App for their UPI transactions.

Sumer Sodha
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