Cash App Not Working (Fix Under 60 Seconds)

This is a complete step-by-step guide on how to fix the cash app not working problem within 60 seconds. If you are ready, then let’s start this.

Hello, guys, my name is Sumer Sodha, and today in this tutorial, I will fix some significant problems in the cash app that users are facing in the country.

So let’s start this…

What is Cash App?

A cash app is an online payment app that allows you to send and receive money essays. Cash apps also offer you some investing options; you can even invest your money in some stocks or mutual funds.

So basically cash app is a banking app with many banking-related features you can use and enjoy.

But sometimes, the cash app does not work perfectly, and even sometimes, it doesn’t open.

So what is the solution to this problem? And the answer is here.. Below, I’ll mention some of the most valuable fixes to the cash app not working problem.

Using these tips, you can fix almost all errors in the cash app.

5 Ways to fix Cash App Not Working Problem

Below I’ll mention the five best ways to fix the cash app crashing and not working problem. Using these methods, you can fix your cash app not working issue in under 60 seconds.

cash app

1. Check your Internet connection

It often happens due to an unstable internet connection, so you have to check your internet connection. Is your internet connection working? After that, you can apply all the methods I’ll tell you in this article.

2. Check if Cash App is Down?

Before applying any trick, you must verify that the cash app server is working. You can check the cash app server status using any down checker app.

For this, you have to search a query “is cash app down” on a search engine, and you will see some web app related to cash app server status, where you can verify cash app server status.

If the cash app server is working, but the app is not working on your device, then you have to follow the following way as mentioned below.

3. Call Cash App Customer Care

In this step, you have to call the cash app customer service to know what is happening there, and you can ask them why the cash app is not working.

Because some time, due to some suspicious activity cash app blocks transactions in your account. So if you call them, he may unblock transactions in your account.

Before calling cash app customer care, make sure you have sufficient information to verify your cash app account.

The cash app customer care number is 1 (800) 969-1940. You can call this number and tell them the problem you’re facing in the cash app.

If you still face the same problem in the cash app, follow the method mentioned below.

4. Clear Cash App cache and data

Clearing app cache files or data can fix this cash app not working problem. So follow the below mention steps to clear the app cache and data.

You can follow these steps on android and ios because these steps are the same on both.

  • Open setting and go to application settings
  • Now find the cache app application 
  • Now click on the cash app, and you’ll see a storage option; click on it
  • Now you will see a clear cache and clear data option; click on the clear cache option
  • Now open and check. Is the cash app working? If the cash app is still not working, then follow below
  • Now click on the clear cache and clear data option
  • Now go to the cash app and login
  • After this, in 70% of cases, the cash app starts to work.

5. Contact your Bank

If you’ve tried all of the above steps but the cash app is still not working for you, then maybe your bank has some issues, so contact your bank.


So now you know how you can fix the cash app not working problem. I’ve covered the five best fixes to the cash app, not working issue, and I hope these fixes work for you.

If you still have questions or suggestions about the “cash app not working problem,” ask me in the comment section. Please share this to help others to fix cash app problems.

Sumer Sodha
Sumer Sodha
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