7 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android (Pro—Edition)

I think you’re here means you need photo editing apps for your Android smartphone that fulfill your needs. So keep reading this article, and I will not disappoint you.

Hello Guys, My Name is Sumer Sodha, and today, in this article, I’ll share the 7 best photo editing apps that help you edit your photo on mobile like a professional editor.

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Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

Best photo editing apps mean; apps that cover all photo editing features. We picked 7 photo editor apps in our list that helps you edit photos on your Android phone in a few clicks.

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

Android Photo Editor Apps List

Below You see the 7 best and popular android photo editing lists that I cover in this article.

1. Google Photos

Google photos are the number one photo editor app on our list. This is an All-in-One photo editor app for Android, and the best thing is, this app comes with the many Android smartphones pre-installed. 

Google develops Google photos, and mainly this app is used for gallery purposes. But only some people know that this app is also handy for photo editing. 

Recently Google optimized this app for photo editing, and he added lots of photo editing tools to this app.

In Google Photos, you get an adjustment tool that helps you adjust your photo’s brightness, contrast, shadow, Black Point, saturation, temperature, skin tone, and much more. Also, Google Photos has Crop, filters, and automated suggested volume features.

2. Adobe Lightroom 

Lightroom is our second best photo editing software for Android that comes from Adobe.

You know Adobe software’s quality if you are a PC photo editor.

In this photo editor, you can customize your photo as you want. This app allows you to control contrast, brightness, saturation,  thickness, sharpness, and many more.

Also, this app has a powerful tool for color correction that helps you o make beautiful images from faded images. 

You can use this tool to make your smartphone photos look like DSLR photos. So just download this app and enjoy its features.

3. PicsArt Photo Editor

PicsArt Photo Editor is a third of the best photo editing apps on our list. Using this tool, you can edit your photos with many preloaded effects and templates.

PicsArt also provides you many tools to edit your photo in a few clicks. With the help of this tool, you can write text on your pictures and do color correction easily.

If you want to blur your photo background like a DSLR, you can do this with this app. Also, the PicsArt has a Background Eraser tool, so you can use that tool to remove the background of your photos.

Along with photo editing, PicsArt also provides video editing tools that will be used to edit your videos on Android.

You can edit your videos, brightness contrast saturation, and many more things in this tool. Also, the tool has prebuilt filters that help you edit your videos with a click.

4. Snapseed By Google

This is our fourth photo editor that Google provided. Snapseed is one of the best photo editing tools like Adobe Lightroom. And many features of this tool are like Adobe lightroom.

Snapseed provides you 29 tools and filters that help you to edit your picture.

Snapseed provides you tools like, RAW develop, Tune image, saturation controller, details, crop, rotate, perspective, white balance, brush, selective, healing, Vinette, text, curves, expand, lens blur, glamour glow, tonal contrast, HDR scape, Vintage, black and white, frames, face enhance, face pose, Double Exposure and more.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is the 5th best photo editor on our list, and also this app has a lot of photo editing tools.

If you are a PC photo editor, you know Adobe Photoshop because Photoshop is the most popular photo editing software.

Now, this is photoshop’s Android version, And also, this app has some similar features to the Photoshop PC version.

So if you want to use Photoshop on Android, you should try this app because this app has a lot of similar features to the Photoshop PC version.

6. Photo Lab Picture Editor

This is our sixth-best photo editing app for Android. Photo Lab is an online photo editing app for Android, which helps you edit your photo in one click.

This app doesn’t have custom photo editing tools like other photo editors, but this app has premade the best filters and effects that help you edit your photo to the next level.

If you are a lazy person and aren’t interested in editing photos manually, you can use this app to edit your images in one click.

7. Pixlr

Pixlr is the seventh-best tool on our list with many photo editing features. With this app, you can easily create collage-style photos.

Also, Pixlr has a custom editing tool with many features like saturation controller, Brightness adjuster, color correction, Collage Maker, Text Writer and styler, and more premade effects.


So this is a session where I answer some frequently asked questions about this.

Which is the best photo editing app for android?

Google photos! Today’s time, many photo editing apps are available for Android, but Google Photos is one of the best photo editing tools at this time.


So, guys, these are the seven best photo editing tools for Android. I hope this list is helpful for you.

If you like this list, share these seven photo editing apps with your Social media followers. And also, tell me in the comment section which app you’re using for photo editing.

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