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What is a Password Manager?

A password manager is a software program that manages passwords for the user. A password manager may store login credentials for websites, applications, and networks in an encrypted database protected by one or more passwords.

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Password management software can manage multiple identities, auto-fill forms, and generate random passwords. It can also synchronize passwords across devices such as personal computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Types of Password Managers

Locally-based – This type of password manager stores your passwords locally on your device with encryption. Locally based passwords are available for almost all types of operating systems like Windows, Mac, and in the smartphone also available for android and ios too.

Also, some Password Manager provides their browser extension. If you are using Google Chrome, you can download the Password Manager extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Cloud-based – Cloud-based Password Manager stores your password on a secure cloud server. It makes it easy to sync all passwords across all devices. And in today’s time, almost all Password managers have this feature, and in many password managers, you can choose which cloud server you want to use; cloud server provided by the password manager or your own.

SSO – stands for Single Sign-On. It is an authentication process that allows users to access multiple applications without entering their login details more than once. Most big companies and organizations use this technology to give their various services to their users in single login.

Benefits of using a Password Manager

Password managers are the best way to stay safe online. They can help you create difficult-to-guess passwords, remember those hard-to-remember passwords, and even generate random passwords for you. 

Here below, you see the benefits that a password manager gives you.

  1. Generate random and robust passwords
  2. Store your passwords in an encrypted form
  3. Sync your password on almost all devices that you use
  4. Autofill password when you need it
  5. Also, store your credit card and personal information securely
  6. Provide freedom from remembering multiple passwords or logins

Why You Should Use A Password Manager

Above, you saw the significant benefits of using a password manager. If you want those benefits, you need to use a password manager, but there are more reasons to use a password manager.

If you want to protect yourself from hackers, the password manager can help you because hackers first target your password to hack and log into your online accounts.

So if you are using easy to guessable passwords like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, your name, date of birth, your pet’s name, or your family member’s name, then it is accessible for hackers to guess your passwords and hack your accounts.

So in this type of scenario, you need a password manager.

Also, password managers can give rest from the headaches of remembering multiple passwords for multiple accounts.

Are Password Managers Safe to Use in 2022?

The single-word answer is yes! Because Password Managers encrypt all your passwords using strong encryption technologies. And also notify you when something goes wrong and about data breaches.

And the great thing is, almost all good password managers provide you two-factor authentication (2FA), so there is no possibility that someone can hack your passwords; stored in a password manager.


Today, we have discussed what a password manager is and how it can help you to manage all your passwords. Many Password Managers are available on the internet, some are free password managers, and some are paid Password Managers. If you want to keep your accounts safe from hackers, we recommend using a password manager.

I hope this article has helped you make an informed decision on whether or not a password manager would be beneficial for you!

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