7 Ways To Protect Yourself From Hackers

In today’s time, the internet is an essential part of our daily life, and almost every person uses the internet, and it makes our life easy and fast. The Internet has lots of good things as well as bad.

Hi friends, I am Sumer Sodha, and today I’ll talk about The seven best ways to protect yourself from hackers in 2022.

So let’s see…

What is Hacking and Why Hackers Target You?

Hacking is a process where a hacker can get unauthorized access to any device and do unauthorized operations.

why hackers hack you

Now, you probably have a question about why hackers do this type of work? So, the answer is straightforward: getting your data and making money.

How to Protect Yourself from Hackers?

Now you know why hackers target you. So how can you protect yourself from getting hacked? We have some best ways to help you secure your identity from hacking.

Protect Yourself From Hackers

7 Ways To Protect Yourself From Hackers

Here are the 7 best ways to protect yourself from hackers. Let’s check the ways one by one.

1. Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi

The first thing that you should always avoid is public Wi-Fi networks. Yes, you read public Wi-Fi correctly. Public Wi-Fi can monitor all of the activity that you do by using the public Wi-Fi. It also includes your web browsing and other login details as well.

The reason behind this is that many people use public Wi-Fi, and you don’t know who is on the same network, so don’t trust any public Wi-Fi network.

Public Wi-Fi is one of the best methods that hackers love, To get unauthorized access to other connected devices or monitor multiple devices’ activity easily.

Now you probably have questions about whether if we should not use public Wi-Fi, so why are there public Wi-Fi networks available?

Public Wi-Fi networks were introduced with good prospects, but many people use these networks in the wrong ways in today’s time. So this is the reason we should consider avoiding using public Wi-Fi networks.

2. Always Check App Permissions:

The second thing that you can do to protect yourself from hackers is always to check software and application permissions.

For example, if you downloaded a calculator application or software, don’t permit the camera or microphone because calculator applications don’t need camera or microphone permission to run.

The perspective of the example mentioned above is only to give permission that is needed, don’t give extra permission to the apps because this is not a good practice.

If you are using an Android or iOS device, then go to the application permission setting and turn off extra permissions for the app that doesn’t need them.

Also, don’t forget to remove those apps that require unnecessary permissions.

3. Never Visit an Untrusted Website

This is the third point that you should avoid if you want to be safe from hackers, and that is, don’t visit untrusted websites.

You know the internet has an unlimited number of websites, and many websites are helpful and secure, but many are insecure and spammy.

Spammy and insecure websites collect your personal data and information and misuse them.

Many spammy websites inject malicious codes into your browser, and this code helps online scammers or hackers to get your information and data.

So don’t use these types of websites.

4. Use Strong Passwords

The fourth thing that you should avoid is using easy passwords or easily guessable passwords. Many people are using their name or dob as a password, but this is not good.

I highly recommend you use strong passwords for your online accounts and use different passwords for different accounts.

I know it is very complicated to remember multiple passwords for multiple accounts. So I suggest you use a password manager that keeps all your passwords safe, and you don’t want to remember various accounts passwords.

The password manager also recommends strong passwords, so you don’t need to make strong passwords multiple Times. 

5. Use Two-Factor Authentication

The fifth point that you should consider is two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication is a great innovation, and it will add an extra layer of security to your accounts.

Today, almost every company adopts this technology and provides two-factor authentication to its users. Majorly if you have Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and banking apps or accounts, then you should enable two-factor authentication.

6. Avoid Spammy Emails

The sixth thing that you should avoid is spammy emails—this thing you can see in your email, where lots of spammy emails come. Don’t open it!

This type of email is loaded with spammy attachments and dangerous links, so you should always avoid opening these types of emails.

Often, this type of email claims that you have won big rewards, but you shouldn’t trust them because it is a trap to catch you.

7. Don’t Use Untrusted Software and Apps

“Untrusted software and apps” is the seventh thing that you should avoid. Many software and apps are available on the Internet, But some software and apps don’t come from trusted sources. I don’t use those apps that come from untrusted sources.

And you should avoid using untrusted apps because these types of untrusted apps are dangerous for our privacy and security.


The Internet is a colossal trap where nobody has ever become 100% safe. But we should always use some precautions to become safe.

On the Internet, new things and innovation come every day, and the Internet is becoming better and worse day by day.

I hope these 7 steps are helpful for you to protect yourself from hackers. If you have any questions, ask me in the comment section or tweet at @needsuite.

Sumer Sodha
Sumer Sodha
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